Western Avenue Veterinary Clinic

54 Western Avenue
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819




Sandy is a Veterinary Technician and our Office Manager.  She was born and raised in St. Johnsbury, and has been at the clinic since 1997.  Sandy puts her heart and soul into her work and our clients love her for it!  

She is an avid skier, sailor, biker and walker.  She loves spending time with her husband Rick and their children and grandchildren. But mostly you'll find her walking the Kingdom Trails with her dogs "Zella" and "Luke" and their dog friends.

Sandy also has a one-eyed cat named "Gracie", a no-eared cat named "Cora" and a young whippersnapper of a cat named "Wilbury".


Leslie joined WAVC in February 2017 with over 4 years of previous experience as a veterinary technician. She has also worked at a local humane society. Leslie grew up in Barnet and moved back to St. Johnsbury after living in Central Vermont for 7 years.

While she enjoys animals of all shapes and sizes, Leslie is especially drawn to reptiles and has three of her own: a leopard gecko named Sydny, a ball python named G, and a corn snake named Vex. Her orange cat, Peaches, and her mini dachshund, Allie, also live with Leslie and her boyfriend, Heath.


Ethan has been here at WAVC since July 2018 but has loved being around animals his whole life. He grew up in Danville with his two sisters. Ethan graduated from Swarthmore College in 2001 and then moved out west for a number of years. He came back in 2011 because northern Vermont is the place that he feels most connected to.

Ethan's two favorite things are dogs and mountains. He has worked at a sled dog kennel in Concord, VT for the past 5 years and hikes with his dog "Stella" in the White Mountains whenever possible.


Kaitlyn joined the WAVC team in late June 2019. She graduated from Vermont Technical College in 2019 with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. She has also worked as a veterinary technician since she was 17. She lives with her family in Waterford, VT and has lived there her entire life. 

Kaitlyn's favorite animal is a cat, however she loves all animals and has wanted to work with animals since she was 5. She has a dog named Romeo, a ferret named Missy, 3 mice and 4 cats: Cookie, Chloe, Boo and Prudence. 


* In Memorial 07/27/96 - 12/18/18 *

As far as we know, Pongo was born on July 27th, 1996. He has lived in St. Johnsbury, specifically at Western Ave Vet Clinic, for at least the past 10 years. Although he has no prior management experience, Pongo takes his self-appointed role of "Technician Supervisor" very seriously. When he isn't (loudly!) reminding us to feed him, he can be found curled up in a sun spot or on his favorite pillow in the treatment room.